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PHOTO: 1960's Ice Tree

Dear Fabulous Veal's Ice Tree Fans,

We regret we must announce the 2020-2021 Ice Tree season is canceled.

In the last four months, we have experienced illnesses (not Covid), injuries, the birth of a fourth-generation Ice Tree builder, and the loss of Janet's husband of 40 years.

We, too, are disappointed. We treasure our hobby. Winter is never a true winter if there is no Ice Tree. Your enjoyment of our hobby brings us great happiness.

Since we will not be able to have an Ice Tree, we will be spending the next few weeks posting fun facts of past Ice Trees on our Facebook page - please join us there to take part in the fun!

Thank you. Hopefully, we will see you next winter.

PHOTO: 1960's Veal's Ice Tree

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The photo below shows the current Ice Tree! Haha! Not much to see quite yet clearly! Until we have day and night temperatures in the 20’s for 7-10 consecutive days we cannot start building the tree. This usually happens in the month of January.

Hopefully, we will see those temps soon!

2020-2021 Ice Tree Update

We are anxious to start the 2020-2021 Ice Tree. We are waiting for day and night temperatures to stay below 30 degrees. Hopefully that will happen in January 2021. See you then!

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